2011 was a good year!

 aaduna Fall Issue 1 Volume 3
"Shelter and Enduring" - Rick Nicholson, Photographer (c) 2011
I don't mean to push out 2011 since October just started but it is the end of the year for aaduna as a publication.  The fall issue, which is our last issue of the year, is now available at http://www.aaduna.org/ and we are accepting submissions for the First Anniversary/winter 2012 issue scheduled for launch on February 28th.  The submissions deadline is November 13 and more detailed information is available on the website.

aaduna Penalver Gallery - Exhibit "Avalon Grail Quest"
Artist, Mano Mannez  
 And not to thump our chests, but this issue is ambitious and empowering.  Lisa Brennan did an impressive job getting the issue up and the galleries reflect her work as our new visual arts editor.  The photographs, artwork, and a "video" created specifically for aaduna glisten with creativity by the visual artists and Lisa provided the appropriate settings for this work.  Furthermore, the poetry, fiction and non-fiction sections highlight a wide range of thought and expressions, and our pilot work with the Auburn Correctional Facility identified some compelling writing produced by inmates.

aaduna Board of Directors, September 26, 2011 meeting

Our Board of Directors had a successful year end meeting on the last Monday in September and members have been extraordinarily helpful in promoting our first ever live reading. 

On October 7th, we are presenting five contributing writers and a visual artist at the nationally recognized Seward House Museum in Auburn, NY.  Sheila Applegate, Cyd Charisse Fulton, Christine Green, Tamara J. Madison and Sean O'Grady will read work published in aaduna as well as other selections.  Christofe Chabot will present "Not Altered Images" a video/slide show presentation that he compiled and orchestrated the music for.  This work is a composite look at the images presented in the galleries over the course of the three 2011 issues and will complement "Altered Images" an exhibition of 15 images.  Cristofe's work "Saikotic'' can be viewed in the Kuta Gallery in the current issue.

Last Sunday, Dave Bergan, Lisa Brennan, Sheila Applegate and I were guests on Dr. Rick Wright's "Old Skool Sunday" radio program (Power 620 AM).  We hung with Dr. Wright throughout the Community Hour segment of his show.  Yesterday, I was a guest on Sheila's web-based radio program, "Enchanted One."  You may listen/download the archived program.  Visit:  co-creatornetwork.comWe plan to continue using radio as a viable mechanism to get the word out about aaduna!  
Power 620, Clear Channal Radio Station, Dr. Rick Wright hosted aaduna,
October 2nd,  "Old Skool Sunday" - Community Hour

While the publication season is over, we plan to do a few more live readings by taking this concept on the road to New Jersey and possibly NYC.  So, during the rest of the year, aaduna will transition to another platform to bring our "timeless exploration into words and images" to a wider audience.

2011 has been a good year and in 2012, we plan to raise our game a notch or two.  Follow "aaduna notes" for updates and encourage your friends and colleagues who write or create visual images to submit work to aaduna.

Continue to enjoy the fall season.  We will!