aaduna contributing writer gets book published!!!!

aaduna published excerpts from three chapters of Sheila Applegate’s, yet to be
published, "Enchanted One" in the spring/summer 2011 issue of aaduna launched on June 6, 2011. CLICK HERE to read excerpts

In the spirit of supporting and continuing to nurture our contributing writers, we are most pleased to share this wonderful news with you!

Please feel free to communicate with Sheila directly using info@sheilaapplegate.com and join with us as aaduna congratulates her on this achievement!

Best Wishes and Continued Blessings, Sheila!


Message Announcement from Sheila Applegate:

Book Release
December 2012~
Enchanted One
The Portal To love
By Sheila Applegate

It is with pure joy that I am able to announce to you that my book, Enchanted One ~ The Portal To Love is being published through Redwheel/Weiser Publishing!
The hardcover, paperback and E book versions will be available around the world
via Barnes N Noble, Amazon and SheilaApplegate.com in December of 2012!

"Enchanted One brings us the inspired and inspiring message of divine love embodied. What could be more encouraging news as the world falls apart and we have an opportunity to rebuild it with a vision of sacred love?" Daphne Rose Kingma ~

This book will make a perfect Holiday Gift for all of your loved ones!
I am going to be offering some wonderful pre-sale bonuses so stay tuned!
As a first time author, marketing the book is primarily my responsibility and any help
you can offer me will be gratefully appreciated.

If you have connections to bookstores, spiritual networks, radio/television shows, and publications that can help me spread the word, I would love to hear from you!

I am also preparing for a book tour in which I will offer live presentations that include, lecture, guided meditation, and discussion about my journey through the portal to love. If you would like to host one of these events in your hometown please let me know.

Sharing information about the book release with your contacts, friends and clients
and social networks will also be a great help.

I appreciate all of the support that you have given me on this journey and
look forward to sharing the message of unconditional love and Oneness on an
even broader scale.

Thank YOU
for being You~ and for being a part of my journey!

In Grace
and Oneness~