Darby-Newton Kicks it for National Poetry Month

Kimberlynne Darby-Newton has found her home with aaduna.  Here is an excerpt, or as we like to say, a “short take” from one of her poems that will grace the Second Anniversary issue:

The Lesson

Won't use his name
But he changed me.
Montgomery, Alabama
Not exactly an incubator
Of tolerance
They were just "sissies"
To us.
Undeserving of any scorn,
Noticeably different
But just there
With us.
Would have probably stayed same

If not for him

Most handsome man met
Liquid eyes, spilling
Sweet, funny, tender
We bonded over
Snark and humor and smart
I Crushed harder
Than unknown elements
Until, I said the "word"
One day
Tossed blithely, proving cool
Saw liquid eyes dulled, by friends’ betrayal
Considerate enough
To spare my feelings
For hurting HIS feelings
He let the night end genially
But I was savvy enough to know
What I'd thrown away!

There is more to “The Lesson”…you will just have to wait…the Second Anniversary issue is coming…we don’t mean to tease…but….


  1. Kimberley Darby-Newton, her persona, her spirit, her words are all completely and entirely breath-taking. Kick it Kim!

  2. Kim Darby-Newton's poetry touches the spirit. The reader feels a sense of connection like an old beloved friend.

    1. Who could ask for more steadfast friends? Love y'all for true I do!


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