National Poetry Month...the party continues...Welcome Dr. Changming Yuan

Changming Yuan provides a “short take” reflection from his portfolio of work.  Read how he orchestrates the interaction between words and imagery. We look forward to the poetry that he is bringing to aaduna’s Second Anniversary issue in a few weeks.

Amidst Morning Mists

Unable to endure constant burning

The suffering souls finally find their ways

Out of the topsoil, trying

To rise together

With the summer sun

Yet they are all shot

With its very first needles

Into the darkest moment of last night

Where the ghosts of the newly dead, the invisible

Linger on, staring at one another

No one knows how many of them

Were still holding their authentic

Human shapes, how many of them

Became deformed, agonizing

Between pools of stinking blood

And piles of rotten flesh


Read more of Changming's work…soon…you just have to wait…patience is really a virtue !