The Wait is Almost Over

For the past few weeks, aaduna presented poets whose words and imagery were woven into poetic statements for your enjoyment and reflection.   

In the Second Anniversary issue, you will experience other poets: Christine Green, Cyd Charisse Fulton, Jamar Ogletree, Christopher Shapard and Mariah Krochmal in addition to the poets whose works were shared with you over the past few weeks. 

Joining the featured poets in the anniversary issue will be fiction writers Ronald Gauthier and Lindsey Ferrentino, who is best known for her plays.  Timothy Ogene 's essay addressing how spoken word is best transferred to a print format will take center spotlight in the non-fiction genre.  Two of the galleries will be closed until the summer issue and the open one will enable you to experience the rawness and unedited vibrancy of "spoken word." 

We hope you enjoy the upcoming issue, launching shortly!

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bill berry, jr.