National Poetry Month...Bertrand....aaduna = Words with Power

Poetry has the power to captivate and intrigue.  In the forthcoming issue of aaduna, Marthe-Elise Bertrand will bring you into her world of words and magic.

Here is one of her poems, "Deep Rest."  {Three others will grace the pages of aaduna...coming at you in a few weeks.}

~Deep Rest~

I tell myself
That they don't care what I do,
But I can't
Get myself to care less about that.
I dwell on the idea that
I, too don't even care what I do
And for once I don't feel any sadness
About wanting to die
Or the idea of being gone.
At times
When I want to die
It's like there's no emotion attached
I feel nothing as if I’ve
Already left my body
And the transition-
The transition had been in progress
The moment I realized a void
That something was missing
And I have no idea what it is.
My soul will slowly detach itself
From this body because
Nothing in this world could suffice.
Perhaps what's missing is
Calling or waiting or pulling me
On the other side.
I wonder if the emptiness I feel
Is a preview of what happens
When soul leaves body.
I force myself to socialize
Because I don't want society
To cast me away from its people.
I drag myself around
And struggle to keep a happy face
Because I’d rather not
Try to explain my situation
The very predicament
That I myself don't even understand.
It's natural
ormal for others to
Just be fully in this world
While I accumulate chemical substances
In my body just so that I
Too, can be normal,
But that's all a condition
That was engraved in the psyche.
And until I abort this notion
I will be worrying about others'
Acceptance of myself
Instead of realizing that the separation
I crave is a preparation for the transition
When my soul will deeply rest.


Watch out for Marthe-Elise Bertrand! aaduna's upcoming issue is scheduled to launch at the end of this month.

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