a different shade of grey...aaduna style

Hedy M. Gray (photo provided)

Hedy M. Gray does not bring meaningless hype or artificial suspense to her storytelling.  She does imbibe "One Blue Mitten" with subtle nuances, imagery, and her own shades of Gray.  Here is the opening to Hedy's story that will appear in the forthcoming issue of aaduna:  

The old lady breathed an unseen deep, heavy sigh. She was resigned to her fate. The monitor levels shot up a bit, then settled back down. There were no other signs of life except the dull monotonous hum of the pumps. There was no one there to see her except the bright eyes of the monitors.
            Oh no, she thought. Here they come again. Why can't they just leave me alone? I'm tired, so tired... it's been so long... too long. I wish I were a bird, then I would flap my wings and just fly away. Nothing's any good any more. But sometimes I remember when it was good. I remember...  sensations... tastes... feelings... Sometimes I dream of  just a cool drink of water going down my throat... the feel... Or I wish for a piece of bread... a cracker. I can almost feel it crossing my tongue... melting in my mouth. Ummmmm... I almost remember the taste... the feel... the smell... almost.
            But it's been a long time now. They think I'm blind but, I see and I don't even have to look. I can feel the room slowly begin to lighten or darken. There are so many shades of darkness and light and I am familiar with each and every one of them. There are many different sounds of silence, too and I've heard them all.

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