Perseverance, perseverance, perseverance….

Stick-to-itiveness…determination…dedication…all are characteristics that are conjoined with perseverance. So, what does this use of words have to do with aaduna? Well there are individuals who submit work to us, and in the final analysis, are not transitioned to the role of contributor. We encourage such folk to re-visit with us and submit again. And sometimes those second efforts are not successful. Some folks persevere, some do not. Getting published is a challenge that requires perseverance. But it seems that achieving success in any field or endeavor is rooted in the ability not to give up, not to walk away, not to despair and feel inadequate. Achieving success is rooted in making the necessary adjustments if there are set-backs in reaching any goal and navigating bumps in the road. 

Anita Nahal, Ph.D., CDP (photo provided)

With that said, we kick off promoting aaduna's summer issue contributors by catching up with Anita Nahal, Ph.D., CDP. So, sit back, relax and "meet" Anita in her words:
Have been pursuing a number of my creative projects! I call them chasing my dreams, and some are more successful than others, which is fine as long as we recognize that effort and hard work is imperative, and results have a probability or possibility, so not to feel bad on the lows, and not to feel too pleased on the highs!

Besides four poems appearing in the summer 2016 issue of aaduna (yeah!), two poems of mine are appearing in the August issue of Confluence, UK. A number of others have been sent out to various journals. And the entire second volume with 75 poems has also been sent out to a couple of publishers. My fist volume, Initiations was published in New Delhi, India in 1988. In September, I will be, for the second year in a row, an invited speaker at the 100,000 poets’ event in Pennsylvania where I shall read my poems.

I have also been focusing on my children’s books of nursery rhymes. Two books of mine, I Love Mummy and other New Nursery Rhymes & When I Grow Up and Other New Nursery Rhymes, were published by Madhuban Publications, Vikas Publishing House, New Delhi, India in 1993, and in several reprints afterwards. The rights of these books are reverted back to me now. I have taken the best from the two volumes and created a new volume, New Diverse Nursery Rhymes and have started to send them out to children’s books publishers. Here is what one reader of the prototype of the book had to say:

“I sat on my couch and started to read aloud “New Diverse Nursery Rhymes” by Anita Nahal, PhD. I was close to my four year old son. He was playing, but when I finished reading “I love Mummy”, the first rhyme of the book, he was at my side, looking at my Ipad screen, very interested. He really enjoyed listening to the rhythmical flow of the text and I enjoyed a lot reading the book for him…Nursery rhymes are a very good tool to help young children build their vocabulary and also teach them to read, and I think this book can help parents and teachers to do both things, since Anita Nahal describes daily situations in a lovely and easy manner in these short rhythmic stories, like a little reminder about brushing your teeth with “Hippo, Hippo” or a sweet way to teach your child that smiling is better than being sad in “Smile, smile.”

I am also passionate about being in Commercial Advertising and after a short training a month or so ago, had my portfolio taken with agent representation by Jo Anderson. I have appeared in my first advertisement for World Health Organization’s (WHO) Breathe Life--Clean Air-Healthy Future campaign. Here is the link to the Ad:

And, finally, dancing is also my passion. Among many dances I have learned and do, Line Dancing is one of my favorite. I also choreograph my own Line Dance routines. Recently I recorded eight of my own Line Dance routines, and you will find all at the link provided below. These Line Dances are based upon Punjabi (yes, one line dance is!), R&B, Reggae and Latin music. Hope you enjoy, like and follow us on Youtube...we are Journita Line Dances on Youtube! Not to confuse with Juanita ... Not us!! Thank you! All the eight Line Dances can be found at this link:

You will also find my articles on diversity, inclusion, unconscious bias in everyday life on LinkedIn at: and more on me on my website at:

Thank you and happy creativity!

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