When was the last time you were left speechless?

Routinely, at aaduna, we have something to say either via the blog, Twitter, Facebook or the available or pending issues.  However, I do remember when the cavalcade of words became an erupting volcano with superlatives cascading all over the place and then an unexpected silence.  You do become speechless when words no longer convey what you want or need to say.  The reason for this stupefying silence was when a young photographer submitted her work to us. 

Eleanor Leonne Bennett, (Photo on file/aaduna contributor Summer 2012)

In 2012, Eleanor Leonne Bennett was an award winning photographer and a wunderkind for her age (16).  aaduna, at that point, was an embryonic online journal trying to manifest our mission to be multi-cultural, diverse, multi-generational, edgy, and somewhat traditional.  Eleanor grabbed our attention and we presented her work in  aaduna's summer 2012 issue/The Kuta Gallery.  We recently re-visited with Ms. Bennett and once again words cannot readily convey her accomplishments.  So, we will not try.  However…
We strongly encourage you to take the time and visit her links ESPECIALLY www.eleanorleonnebennett.com  Bennett’s site tells you more about her then we can.
She is a jewel and you do want to be able to say you knew her and her work.
 Here is some additional information on Eleanor.
Joined as the Content Executive for Agency @magnafication
Eleanor’s twitter: @artandcontent

Eleanor Leonne Bennett is an early aaduna contributor and we still value what she does to make the world of visual arts that much more exciting and stimulating!

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