Have Camera-Will Travel

Okay, if you are of a certain age, you know I fudged the title for this particular blog from a popular American western TV series titled, “Have Gun-Will Travel” that was broadcast on CBS from 1957-1963.

I was a big/hero worshiping/pretending to be him fan when playing cowboys with my young friends.  Of course, my toy western cap guns strapped in a holster on each side of my waist, enhanced my role playing.   

The TV “hero” was a gun for hire called Paladin.  Dressed in black. Black horse.  All studs on human and horse, silver.  Acted by Richard Boone, the mustached Paladin was no nonsense, focused, determined, and a gunslinger.

The show had 225 episodes and 24 of those segments were written by Gene Roddenberry.  I mention that little trivia because a few years later, Mr. Roddenberry created the seminal “Star Trek” series.  I bet a lot of “trekkies” did not know that fact…maybe I am wrong, but…. Let’s move on and…

Flash forward to contemporary times. 

Many of us travel with phones and/or cameras to document our daily experiences especially vacation trips.  Fueled by Instagram, Facebook and other social media sites, we suppose that our travel photos are of instant importance to family, friends, and others.  Some of us even perceive our photos as relevant “art” depending on what we try to capture in the lens.      

The adventurer, legit travel photographer, the artist existing in another locale different from what is regarded as home, often captures experiences that easily fall within the arena of photographic documentation, and even more importantly, as exciting visual art.

So, what is my point?

C Evans Mylonas has her Namibian photographs on display at Arizona State University’s Downtown Campus (Phoenix,) University Center Building. The exhibit is called Land, Sea and Sky and will be up until December 1, 2016. The exhibit is free and features other local artists, so swing by if you happen to be in that region of the United States. 
C Evans Mylonas (photo provided) - Intrigued by this photo?  See Christina’s  gallery exhibition in aaduna's spring 2016 issue for further artist information to put this photo in proper perspective.

Mylonas, a humanitarian, is a world traveler.  She knows and understands the potency and power of the camera; maintains a keen and detailed eye for what is captivating and awe-inspiring, and appreciates the nuances of visual art from the viewer’s perspective.  A recent aaduna contributor, we will continue to take pride in Christina’s photographic art.  If you missed her presence with us, here is the link http://aaduna.org/spring2016/gallery/the-borders-gallery/

Between now and December 1, if you are traveling to the area of her exhibition, check it out.  She captivated us.  She will do the same for you!

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