Fulton expands her repertoire...once again!

So, what do you do when you are a successful and published poet with readings throughout the Northeast, publisher of poetry chapbooks, lecturer, creative consultant, and educator at New York University?  You write a play and enter a competitive, juried theatre review process.

With over 100 submissions, and 26 finalists, The Downtown Urban Art Festival (DUAF) has selected to present a play penned by Cyd Charisse Fulton as one of its productions to celebrate its 2017 anniversary season.  Ms. Fulton is a founding poetry contributor to aaduna when this literary and visual arts journal premiered its inaugural issue in February 2011. 
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15th Anniversary Season

38 Commerce Street
New York City

TUESDAY, May 16, 2017 at 7:00 PM


Ida, an African American woman, is single and retired. Newscasts, talk shows and weed are her companions. This hazy combination provokes memories of Ida’s own salty life experiences. Her comments and rants become prayers that lead to an unorthodox baptism in her living room.


If you reside or work in NYC or can visit the Big Apple on May 16th, go see Fulton’s “Educated And Still Trapped” at the Cherry Lane Theatre.


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  4. As always, aaduna has my back. Your motivation and support has led me to many doors; urging me to turn knobs and step with big strides. I still think of my first submission communication with aaduna... I was patiently advised to go back to the drawing board to create with care, craft and cleverness. Thank you. Much love. --CCF

  5. Congratulations Cyd! I hope Raymond and myself get to see your play. -Zigi


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