aaduna in exile - Winter 2021-2022 - Photography Exhibit, William C. Crawford and Charlie Hahn

Chicago Streets. An Intimate Glimpse of The Loop & the Chicago El

William C. Crawford & Charlie Hahn, Photographers © 2021

 Crawford & Hahn are prolific veteran street photographers based in Winston Salem, NC. They undertook an intensive photo shoot of the The Loop & the Chicago El in the summer of 2021. 

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Meet the Photographers

"CRAWDADDY Ignores a Speeding Train on the Loop,"
William C. Crawford (c) 2021

William C. Crawford is a prolific itinerant street photographer based in Winston Salem, NC. He got his start in Vietnam as a combat photojournalist. He was then inexperienced, but CRAWDADDY profited immensely from staunch mentoring from three Pulitzer Prize winners.

Much later, he co-developed FORENSIC FORAGING, a throwback, minimalist technique for digital photographers with veteran Sydney lensman, Jim Provencher. Crawdaddy has published four books chronicling his photography adventures. He seeks to elevate the the trite, trivial, and mundane of everyday life to pleasing eye candy.  He believes that there is hidden visual value almost everywhere, waiting to be uplifted through digital images. See more at -bcraw44 on Instagram.

Charlie Hahn (photo provided)

Charlie Hahn is a street photographer based in Winston Salem, NC. His high school photography class project, CHIPPEWA STREET 1975, launched his career with a portfolio which is now a throwback classic in his hometown of Buffalo.  More recently, his BEYOND THE EDGE OF THE FIELDS focuses on in situ portraits of the down, out, and marginalized denizens of the street. Charlie is also an instructor of photography at the Sawtooth School for the Visual Arts where he met Crawdaddy.  See more at hahnphoto.net


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