The First Week of 2011

The first week of the new year was productive, exciting, and fun.  The majority of submitters were notified; the design and functionality of the web site continues to move forward with Lisa working closely with the designer of the site; discussions regarding editorial comments went well with contacted authors, and I was able to further network aaduna in Western, NY and on Saturday morning, in select establishments in Skaneateles.

(Left) Collette Fournier, Photographer, (Center) Terry Chaka, Baobab Cultural Center,
(Far Right) Sharon Turner, Community Darkroom, Rochester, NY  January 7, 2011

This past Friday evening, Lisa and I did attend the discussion and reception for Kamoinge photographers at The Baobab Cultural Center in Rochester.  Rockland County, NY based photographer Collette Fournier discussed her work, and the work of the other four exhibiting photographers.  I was able to make a variety of contacts to further expose aaduna while setting the stage for future visual image submissions and/or collaborations.  (I am most interested in a collaboration with Community Darkroom, which is part of the Genesee Center for the Arts and Education, Inc.)

(Back) Alloysia Haynes with Sharon Turner
Bill Berry with Collette Fournier

Bill Berry, Baobab Center Reception, January 7, 2011
 I also hope to create a working partnership with the Baobab Center, as well as with Creative Hue, an organization of visual artists and patrons seeking to "preserve African American culture through the arts."  The current Baobab exhibit focuses on the distinct layers, mutuality, and identity of people of color, the Neo-Africans.  

During the second week of a new year, the activities of the past several days will continue and intensify.