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The reality of “19.” Pretense is exactly what it is…artificiality and falsehood set to challenge factual reality.

People are dying. Everyday.  TV doctors are posing as public health care specialists and then hide behind “I misspoke” when their erroneous facts and intellectual ignorance is exposed. Oz and Phil…WTF….keep your pseudo medical advice to yourself. Confederate flags and MAGA red hats are waved and worn as people defy social distancing in righteous protests even when other folks are incarcerated in housing projects and densely populated areas that have not received the full attention of health care efforts in this pandemic. People are dying. Everyday. Open the economy? Rural areas that never had enough doctors or medical facilities will be ravaged like the meat packing processing plants that will dictate what meats you buy or don’t in a few weeks. Toilet paper not available? Watch what happens when meat is scarce. Some people suggest that this pandemic will change the paradigm as to how the larger society of privileged and one percenter treat the rest of us. Revolution in America