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Eloquence Radiating within the Complexity of Simplicity

More times than not, societies rather reduce the varied richness of Life to well-defined simple concepts of cause and effect, right and wrong, this or that.  The intricacies, nuances, and subtle flavorings of difference and emotional range are tossed aside because to delve into such matters require detailed attention and being consciousness of one’s motivation and purpose…a time consuming process.  I suspect creative people tend to poignantly analyze, and elaborate on the human condition better than others. And some would even argue that poets traverse the landscape of humanity the best. Regardless of this artistic quandary, this is what I know to be true and a steadfast fact. Howard Nelson. For decades as a teacher, scholar, writer, poet and well-rounded intellect, Nelson, now a retired Professor Emeritus has shone light in darkness; reduced intricate issues into easily understood concepts that maintains a person’s dignity and inherently respects the intelligence of o