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Advance Notice - Be slow, you blow!

Available NOW…Limited edition aaduna tee-shirts!

Printed by The-Merchery based in Syracuse, New York., these aaduna tee-shirts are one size (large) American Apparel © garments “sewn by 11 people in a sweatshop-free environment in downtown LA [Los Angeles,] where they are paid fair wages and have access to healthcare and benefits.”Shirts are 90% cotton and 10% polyester made in the USA.Available in grey or black.
Please Note: This particular design will never be repeated by aaduna, Inc.
Tee-shirts are available for $20 each plus shipping and handling ($5 per shirt) and the S/H is basically the cost of packaging and even moreso, the post office cost for mailing/shirt.
Order four (4) shirts or more in a single order and aaduna, Inc. will cover the shipping & handling so there will be no S/H cost to you!  

When you order, please note the specific color you want and send check or money order for the total order plus shipping and handling charges per shirt to