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When exploration and unexpected discovery creates re-connections

I was with my wife Lisa, as she partook in various business meetings, and decided to re-visit some favorite and recently discovered spots in Saratoga Springs and then Albany, NY. Since it is horse racing season in Saratoga, we decided that a stay at a hotel in Troy, NY was warranted. Interestingly, the hotel was across the street from the Troy “Dinosaur” Bar-B-Que restaurant where we had a delightful Wednesday evening dinner and chatted with a possible future aaduna contributor. 

{A few years ago, we witnessed the start of that location’s initial build out and decided at some point we needed to add it to our collection of “Dinosaurs” since we had eaten at the locations in Syracuse, Rochester, and Harlem. Even as the “Dinosaur” transitioned from a single proprietorship to a corporate entity, the food, service and ambiance has been consistent as far as quality, flavor and menu additions regardless of location.}

But this extraneous info is just a small backdrop to the core purpose of thi…