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Ali Baba needed 40 thieves…

aaduna needs 40 poets. When we started our initiative to celebrate National Poetry Month, we sought to identify 120 poets so we could post 4 poems per day during April, the fourth month of the calendar year, the month identified to be National Poetry Month.   40 opportunities remain available. We cannot write the poem that you have written.  We cannot submit the poem that you really want to share with the public. We cannot make you do what you want to do in your heart. We do not have a read and review period, no theme or length requirements; your poem can be unpublished or published.   We will give your work a public platform up to available postings.  Only you can make that happen. Send your poem as a Word doc. to The longer you wait, the less opportunities there will be.   Ali Baba needed 40 thieves...we are more honest!!!!! For more details of the 4 x 4 poetry initiative CLICK HERE