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Is a photo worth a thousand "words?" A Follow-up, of sorts.

Yeah, we all have heard that phrase or some configuration of certain "words" that suggest the same meaning and feel of that statement.  So, what's the deal this time?  Well... "Word, Revisited" November 9, 2017 Photo Credit:  Debbie Cleveland (Left to Right) Pat D'Agostino (open mic), Joe Sarnicola (open mic), Kirsten Wise, Curator/Cayuga Museum, Heidi Nightengale (open mic), Rachael Ikins (open mic), Laura Williams French (open mic), Dan Cleveland (featured poet/musician), Ron VanNostrand, Publisher/Olive Trees (emcee), Eileen McHugh, Executive Director/Cayuga Museum, Teresa Motz (open mic), Pammy Freeman (open mic), Jim Ellis, (featured poet)    We recently posted information on " word, revisited's" closing 2017 literary season that featured speakers  Jim Ellis and  Dan Cleveland ; emceed by  Ron VanNostrand , and supported by several open mic presenters convened at the Carriage House Theater in Auburn, New York hosted by the C