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Is a photo worth a thousand "words?" A Follow-up, of sorts.

Yeah, we all have heard that phrase or some configuration of certain "words" that suggest the same meaning and feel of that statement.  So, what's the deal this time?  Well...

We recently posted information on "word, revisited's" closing 2017 literary season that featured speakers Jim Ellis and Dan Cleveland; emceed by Ron VanNostrand, and supported by several open mic presenters convened at the Carriage House Theater in Auburn, New York hosted by the Cayuga Museum of History and Art, Olive Trees, andaaduna.

Debbie Cleveland documented the event in photographs with an understated sublime power and gentle attention to detail that transcends the need to identify the subjects of her lens.  She wants us to focus on the personalities that she captured without bringing our pre-conceived notion of who the individuals are or what these folks may represent.

So, is a photo worth a thousand words? An interesting proposition for an inaugural literary season based on "…