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To Dance Is To Be Free…

Interestingly, over time, we have seen the intricacies and subtleties of dance movement transition to sport activities like football, boxing, other athletic endeavors, and the ever changing world of weight loss regimens. While we may not admit it, most of us have “danced in the rain;” purposely stomped in rain puddles, and even twirled around a wet and slick lamp post mimicking what we witnessed in a movie. We have marveled at the grace and expression conveyed by dancers in public performance and wished we were able to move like that. And yet, have you ever wondered what happens when a dancer takes the dynamics of her performance craft to another creative art? What is achieved when a nationally well-respected dancer and instructor produces a body of poetry. Well, the result is what aaduna wants to share with you. And, Phylise Smith (Photo Provided) her name is Phylise Smith. Here is an excerpt from her poem, “Halloween:” Halloween night, in

Kickin’ Off a New Week

Many of us approach Mondays in one of two ways.  We take a laid back approach so we can recover from a hectic weekend.  We move around our tasks a bit slower because our minds are still recalling the adventures of the weekend.  And then they are other folk who take a manic stance on Monday and try to put “all the ducks in a row” with a listed, written plan so we can check off completed tasks as soon as possible because those responsibilities are plaguing and causing turmoil in our minds. Unfortunately, this particular Monday, many of us will reflect on the “terror and hate” that took over a nightclub in Orlando, Florida this past weekend.  And it is safe to say that Americans and the majority of the global community embrace the families and friends who lost loved ones, and remain committed to finding strategies to prevent another such horrific attack from occurring in this country or any other place in the world.   We shall always remember “Pulse.” As we stand with th