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With an open heart...

aaduna , Seward House Museum , First Friday of the spring season... bill berry came out of hibernation.  Shawnte Blyss Barr sprung forth to bring her gracefulness with other flowers destined to bloom.  Dick Ford further enhanced his reputation for eloquence as a pianist, musician and educator. bill ventured forward with new work and prose poetry that represented his years of writing and self-maintaining a non-public stance (except when he is promoting other creatives.)  Blyss was a poetic delight and easily established herself as a voice that needs to be presented and heard more in public settings. Dick taught the gathered audience a song (with group participation and movement no less;) held a round of singing around the piano with aficionados of “jazz/pop standards,) and in a genial manner provided the aura that made aaduna’s presence at the Museum more special. Billye Chabot , executive director of SHM and her staff pr