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Powerful: Kitsinelis, Flores, Rentas, Wilson - Day 15: aaduna's NPM

Celebration of loneliness   Let the wine flow brothers, tonight I am celebrating loneliness. Tonight I will drown my bitterness into the stream of my tears and I will imprison love with my pen onto this paper. All the channels have been blocked; all the roads lead to dead ends, so bring on the wine to celebrate the loss of hope. For if you want a struggle to end, you just surrender. If you want to purify your agonies you embrace them and dance with them to the sound of the flowing wine. © 2012 Spiros Kitsinelis                      Athens, Greece       Spiros Kitsinelis (photo provided) * * * Anxiety of Influence I’m not a piece of shit just a deep feeler.  No time for mind-numbing small talk unless evocative can be distilled from mundane. Since I too will die, time is of the essence meaning unless you’re referencing hard data regarding human extinction at the hands

Experience Lamphere, Menon, Clark, Barnes + aaduna's NMP: Day 14

Gods’ Will I can feel it It’s all around me Hovering Waiting You don’t have long now Before you take that final bow It’s heavy Pressing against my body Trying to succumb You’ve been sleeping so much Don’t leave me alone I can still feel your touch It’s becoming a second skin If only I could peel it away Your body is so frail You won’t eat You just want to sleep and sleep It’s attached itself completely now Hugging me tight Will you wake up do you thing? You need to eat. Take a drink I’ve lived a good life. We’ve had happy times, Me and my wife. You’re almost gone aren’t you? You won’t come back to me will you? The pain is going away. Deaths hug is expelling it. You’re ready to go. Today you told me so. I’m ready to go. Today I told her so. You should be at peace. I should give you release. She’s releasing me now. I can feel it somehow. He’ll be out of pain. I want that for