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Retrospective reflection is a good thing

On Thursday, April 26th, Rachael Z. Ikins provided an intimate and well-expressed journey through her writings, which have garnered awards while also sharing anecdotes of a life well-versed in writing in all its various and endearing facets. Introduced by Clare Song Birds Publishing House publisher and editor, Heidi Nightengale, who cited Rachael’s recent recognitions; quipped that they were taught by the same English teacher in school, and they both have become accomplished poets and writers.

Draped in a colorful, majestic, sparkling shawl, Ms. Ikins eloquently shared her first prize and honorable mention citations through the National League of American Pen Women, and other regional and state-wide awards for her poetry. She is also an award winning artist/illustrator; but, it was her words that gracefully floated through the Carriage House performance space that enchanted her followers.

With a melodious tone sparked by quick flashes of wit, Rachael was a delightful featured speaker w…