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This ain't what you think!

Halloween is tomorrow. aaduna's gala fundraising event is tomorrow starting at 6 PM at the Carriage House Theater in Auburn, NY Everyone is ready and revved up to present an intriguing and wonderful party built around words, music, dance and art. The poets are ready. The writers are ready. The musicians are ready. The dancers are ready. The visual artist is ready. Sweet Daddy Beaujolais, the "MC" is more than ready! And due to the splendid reply to the purchase of advance tickets, we will assess the same ticket charge at the door ( cash only ) a $5 savings and NOT the planned uptick ticket price "at the door." This is not a Flash Sale. This is not BOGO. This gesture is " Expect the Unexpected." More info? E- mail, bill Today.  * * * * * aaduna   - a