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Meet aaduna spring 2017 contributors Fred Chandler, Ron Gauthier and Jim Ross!

  Fred Chandler (photo provided) Originally from New York and now residing in Los Angeles, Fred Chandler is a poet with two published chapbooks, and prolific array of other accomplishments: ebooks, posters and audio CDs.   A prior recipient of a National Endowment for the Humanities grant, Chandler is a fellow at the American Film Institute, as well as member of The Writers Guild of America and the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Science.   Here is a sampling from Fred’s poem, “ Threadbare” The memory is the past Fading The imagination is of dreams waking Both are of an illusion * * *   Ron Gauthier (photo provided) A returning aaduna contributor currently residing in Decatur, Georgia, Ron Gauthier is excited to be part of the dynamic group of spring 2017 anniversary issue contributors, and is “on fire” to share a snippet of his fiction work, “The Conversation” with you.    She had those inherited voluptuous curves, swaying,

Realizations with Gabor, Rizwan, Tan, Pérez-Lozano: aaduna's NPM: Day 28

Love Poem No. 92: Navigating Being Am I    crazy for you or just crazy,   writing these quixotic fantasies about a life together— or is it just my life in general that I’ve finally grown into the deep or out of it, sinking up or flying down,    do the semantics matter when we’re just pieces of matter flying trillions of miles through empty space grasping        breathing spinning loving b   cause none of the rest of it matters we’re so scared of powerful things: death, taxes,             mothers-in-law,     finding new space rings on Mars, Venus, where have you really gone, what have you really done        with all this information are we learning or just growing up? growing out of your skin sinking into new voids Can there be a difference made in these lives,    the shivering wretch at the end of a graffitied subway tunnel,             the Middle Eastern man drumming his heart out, drumming to breathe,       drumming