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Wednesday’s “Avenue” graciously decided to skip a day!

At midnight, the spring/summer 2018 anniversary issue of aaduna launched featuring several intriguing poets. The beforehand consequence was simple.   “Avenue on Poetry” thought it would be gracious to acknowledge this special publication by waiting one day for its weekly presentation. That stance was to become (unknowingly) a momentous decision that was not in “Avenue’s” or aaduna’s control. Aretha Franklin (google images) Many of us woke up to and approached this morning with the devastating and heart breaking news that Aretha Franklin had passed away. More than just the Queen of Soul or a generational defining diva, Ms. Franklin was an American icon and world-wide phenomena. She made lyrics transition to poetic phrases that she eloquently sung over captivating melodies.   She charted and influenced core life-influencing episodes in our lives through her music, collaborations with other artists, her compositions, as well as the way she interpreted the music of other

A Message from aaduna's publisher...

William  E.  Berry, Jr., CEO/Publisher, aaduna, "Boldt Castle Magic,"  photographer, Lisa  Brennan  (c) 2018 Dear Colleagues, Fans, Readers, and Supporters: As you may know, it started in February 2011. aaduna became (and continues to be) a supportive and viable platform for those recognized and unrecognized, established and emerging diverse voices that germinate in every segment and stratification of our global society. Quite clearly, those strong-willed voices refuse to be subjects of any pre-conceived societal label that tries to define their spirit based on erroneous assumptions driven by misplaced knowledge. aaduna has learned that sometimes those voices are clearly evident and easily unearthed.  Other times, we have to search, dig, dust off, hold close, breathe life into artistic possibilities to discover the essential wonder of creative pathways designed to excite our imagination through words and visual images…to stimulate how w