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POP THE CORK! aaduna's latest issue has OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED!

aaduna's cover art:  "Oh, But They're Weird & They're Wonderful," photographer, Jimmy Giannettino (c) 2016 It has been an enchanting struggle marked by challenges and then exhilaration, a labor of love, a road of discovery - all within our self-defined time and space. The "fall" 2016 issue - Vol.6, No.3 is now available via It is fitting that we waited for a festive holiday season, 7 days after fall transitioned to winter, to bring our gift of joy, creativity, imagination, remembrance, and wonderment to you. Enjoy! Lisa and I, as well as the rest of the aaduna team wish you and your loved ones a safe and celebratory start to the pending new year. We quietly reflect on the fact that there have been 18 issues published to date, presenting well over 248 creative people as contributors, with people in 97 countries reading our publication. We look forward to continuing our Mission in 2017! Have a Happy New Year.

Often overlooked, but not forgotten

Kwanzaa, an annual December holiday tradition spanning several days (December 26 – January 1,) has always encompassed a celebration of family, community, and culture.  It is a secular festivity that is inclusive for all cultures even though its roots are grounded in African-American nuances associated with Africa, as the Motherland.  Founded by educator, scholar and community activist, Dr. Maulana Karenga in 1966, Kwanzaa has seven principles that are recognized by lighting a candle on the day associated with a specific principle.  Since these ideals have been pertinent to my life and the structural foundation for aaduna , I share with you:  Umoja                          Unity Kujichagulia                Self-Expression Ujima                           Collective Work and Responsibility Ujamaa                        Cooperative Economics Nia                                Purpose Kuumba                       Creativity Imani               

Yes, Virginia, there is…

Yesterday, or at some point before December 25 th , you may have been reminded of 8-year-old Virginia O’Hanlon’s 1897 letter to The Sun , a New York newspaper.  Her father told her that if she saw that there is a Santa Claus in that paper, then it was so.  Previously, her friends had told her that there was no Santa Claus.  She wrote a four sentence letter to the editor, and the paper’s response became a pivotal reminder of the essence of this Holiday Season. At aaduna we still believe in inquiry, joy, discovery, belief, faith, imagination, creativity and embracing those emotions that cannot be manifested in a concrete shape right in front of your eyes .  aaduna takes you on a journey where you explore the nooks and crannies of your mind; experience feelings that were lying dormant waiting for a jolt of inspiration to spring those thoughts into life, and help motivate you to discover your creative skills and manifest them for others to observe and enjoy.