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When Poetry is Music and Vice Versa…

I am sure you have heard the word “champion” used in reference to folks who extoll and proclaim the value of an idea or planned project.   There are champions in all fields of endeavor, and the creative arts are firmly included.   And in the genre of poetry, there is one who aaduna treasures. This champion has been a special and gracious guest at all aaduna annual fundraisers for the past four years including this past May where he read the poem that we are presenting on today’s "Avenue." Without a doubt, we appreciate his ongoing support, continuing creative literary contributions, scholarship, and exploration of musical legacies through poetry. We sincerely offer our abundant thanks to...   Howard Nelson Howard Nelson, featured poet, aaduna fundraiser gala (photo by:  Lisa Brennan) SISTER ROSETTA THARPE Glad to hear that Sister Rosetta Tharpe has been elected to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. It’s a nice recognition to have— even thou

Do We See Only What We Want to See, OR…?

Captivating art prompt words, phrase, sentences and essays that enables the viewer to describe and capture the vitality of the piece, and more so how it crystalizes and influences our emotions and sense of the world.  Art causes a visceral reaction. And the diverse platforms that artists use to create their art is a reflection of who they are, how they perceive the environment in which they exist, and the medium that best defines their artistic intent. aaduna is pleased to present work by three artists whose work represent the challenges and rewards of making art in the forthcoming Volume 8, No. 1 issue…Banks, Brown and Crawford. * * * * * Charles “SeaBe” Banks has been writing full time since 2008. In addition to painting “words” in vivid hues, textures and compelling patterns, Banks is an accomplished visual artist who brings the same poetic complexity and composure to create intriguing artwork. Discover his work in aaduna's Kuta Gallery. "Left Han-End"