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National Poetry Month...Bertrand....aaduna = Words with Power

Poetry has the power to captivate and intrigue.  In the forthcoming issue of aaduna, Marthe-Elise Bertrand will bring you into her world of words and magic.

Here is one of her poems, "Deep Rest."  {Three others will grace the pages of aaduna...coming at you in a few weeks.}

~Deep Rest~

I tell myself
That they don't care what I do,
But I can't
Get myself to care less about that.
I dwell on the idea that
I, too don't even care what I do
And for once I don't feel any sadness
About wanting to die
Or the idea of being gone.
At times
When I want to die
It's like there's no emotion attached
I feel nothing as if I’ve
Already left my body
And the transition-
The transition had been in progress
The moment I realized a void
That something was missing
And I have no idea what it is.
My soul will slowly detach itself
From this body because
Nothing in this world could suffice.
Perhaps what's missing is
Calling or waiting o…