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We're back!

For awhile, I thought the hiatus was only a few days and then I noticed the date of the last posting.  It has been a few weeks and I was not even on a vacation!!!  For the past few weeks, I have been taking 2-3 days seminars and workshops dealing with financial sustainability, planning, and strategic thinking in Rochester, NY. putting together aaduna's first public presentation of our writers and artists for a presentation at The Seward House Museum in early October.  (Interestingly, Steven Spielberg is planning a film about Abraham Lincoln and one of his principal actors visited the Seward House as preparation for his role as Lincoln's Secretary of State.)  Finalized arrangements with the Museum's administrative staff for the October First Friday. Tamara J. Madison, Cyd Charisse Fulton, Sean O'Grady, Christine Green and Sheila Applegate will read at that event, and Lisa Brennan will mount a photography exhibition and visual images slide show based on what we hav