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aaduna in exile 2021-2022 - Elyse

  Conversations are back!!! aaduna publisher, bill berry, jr. is re-introducing his chats with creatives who have an intriguing story to share that will broaden readers’ understanding of the world and its people.   The winter 2021-22 issue of aaduna will feature his conversation with Kristyn Elyse, a model and writer who represents the overall ambiance of beauty, intellect, and graciousness that permeates Barcelona. Here is the opening excerpt from the conversation between Elyse and berry.”   bb: Hi Kristyn. Can you share what propelled you to seek a career in the demanding world of modeling and more importantly, describe your childhood that may provide the initial glimpse of circumstances that would propel you towards an eventual career built around sharing one’s physicality, personality, and intellect with the public.     KE: Hi Bill, thank you for your kind words. I started modeling much later than most girls- when I turned 25. Throughout my life a lot of people told me