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aaduna Board Convenes


With a pre-meeting dinner of slow-cooked homemade chili, mixed greens with mushrooms, grape tomatoes and a spicy tomato/apple cider artisan vinaigrette served with crusty fresh baked bread, the aaduna Board of Directors completed its last meeting of 2013 on November 18. This session signaled the start of a challenging and exciting ‘new year’ for the publication.

With plans approved to initiate a refocusing of the web site’s design, functionality and outreach, the Board set the stage for aaduna to expand its institutional capacity building, and achieve an enhanced presence in social media in 2014.

aaduna, Inc. the publication arm for aaduna, also plans to create additional organizational partnerships, develop regional fundraising activities, as well as broaden its appeal to writers and artists who are shaping the framework as to how words and images are presented in a world driven by technology and multi-media stimulation. In addition, “aaduna notes” will continue to spearhead its re…