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The West meets East!

It started in the Auburn, NY post office earlier this afternoon.   A customer at the service counter was awash in muted earth toned clothes with a distinctive western type gear ambiance from the wide brim somewhat sombrero type hat to the boots to the corduroy pants with leather inserts along the backside and sides of the pants.   With a  nice flowing shirt, I noticed the weathered and tan hands though I could not make out facial features.   I was reminded of the Gauchos of the Pampas in Argentina because this customer immediately brought that image to mind.    The person was ahead of me as we exited the post office and I said that man looks like he rode in on a horse.   As I chuckled at my joke, I was determined to see what car he got into.   As I panned the parking lot to guess the vehicle, lo and behold, there were two horses hitched to the fence down where the mailboxes are located and the person was soon engaged with another customer in what appeared to be a discussion about dir