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It is Wednesday…Read a Poem

There is a nuanced delight in the way that subtle words can quietly move our emotions to better levels of understanding and acceptance.   Enjoy Lang’s poem.   Tsunamis Imani “Clio” Lang I couldn't stop the gush, the noise in my belly Like water stones, Like a wave in every one of my body regions, The anxiety strikes like a door closing a tomb, Its hellish and breathtaking A waste of energy yet I am in love with it, Give me more problems, more uncertainties and I'll be sure to worry you more O dear Heart Even though I know that without God everything would be worse But the hydrocephalus has made me mindful, So mindful that I become dizzy with fear, Aghast in worry, Covered in the girth of discernment over people's ultimatums I don't trust this world and its spineless essence Everyone is out to get their own, To drown the will that's planned for me. And throw me in the tide But today Jesus is here. The wave doesn&#