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We just launched aaduna’s summer/fall 2013 issue!

Notwithstanding technical and logistical challenges, aaduna's  current issue is available for your perusal and reading pleasure at  aaduna's cover art, Summer/Fall 2013           aaduna's home page cover Summer/Fall, Carrie O'Grady artist (c) 2013 We are very excited about this issue’s eclectic writing and the diversity of our contributors in terms of their writing style, creative expressions and the locales that they call home.  Please inform all your social media contacts and e-lists recipients about the launch and invite them to check the issue out.  Of course, feel free to encourage those folks who write poetry, fiction and non-fiction to consider submitting their unpublished work to us (submissions since we are now accepting submissions for the winter 2014 issue through to November 13 th . In addition, take note that Argentina just joined the countries that map our global readership