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Copeland or Copeland’s

I had the opportunity to work in Harlem in the early Seventies and then again in the early Eighties putting in a 4 year stretch during each decade. Recently, a word association came to me and reminded me of Copeland’s restaurant on 145 th Street off Broadway in Harlem.  Considered the Heart and Soul of Harlem dining, the restaurant served up soul food with a New Orleans flavor for 50 years.  Like all great eating places, it had a diverse array of characteristics that included popular signature dishes, welcoming ambiance, high end catering, and a great community feel that spurned a boatload of regular and dedicated customers. Deborah Copeland (photo provided) So what is the word association, my thought connection?  In aaduna's coming spring 2016 issue, we will publish poetry by Deborah Copeland who brings a diverse array of creative talent that has started to nurture a committed fan base.  Deborah is achieving literary status because her poetry, plays, essays and other

Is today Hump Day? Get over it... the world is rotating forward!

Rakhshan Rizwan is a celebrated poet currently living in The Netherlands where she is a PhD candidate.  Her poems weave thoughtful human emotions that are enchantingly recognizable, accessible, and endearing.  She was born in Lahore, Pakistan and continues the tradition of thoughtful and relevant voices coming from that section of the globe.  Rakhshan 's work belongs in aaduna .   Before the end of the month, you will be able to read “Lahore,” “Hair,”and “Father Tongue.”  Here is a brief excerpt from “Hair:” Hair Hair is erasing hair, on our skin, our arms, our feet, even our toes, or growing in wholesome bunches, in our ears;  the occasional rogue hair that keeps protruding from our noses, hair is picking at the fuzz on our upper lips, Hair is subduing hair, which bridge the gap between our brows;  Want more?  Of course you do since Ms. Rizwan will take you to places that may have settled in the recesses, nooks and crannies of your consciousness.   

Six years later…

Tamara J. Madison (photo provided) In 2011, several poets, writers and artists took a leap of faith and entrusted their work to a newly formed, exclusively online literary and visual arts journal simply called “ aaduna .” One such premier issue poet was Tamara J. Madison . At that time, Ms. Madison who was living in New Jersey and teaching at local colleges, had created “Kentucky Curdled" a poetic sequence based on a true family story of tragedy and death that took place in a small, black, rural community in Kentucky during the early 1900's.  aaduna was the first to publish five sequences of “Curdled.” For the spring 2016 anniversary issue, Tamara, who currently lives in Orlando, Florida where she teaches at Valencia College and Stetson University, returns to aaduna with poems from her work, “Breast Poems,” a collection that was one of four short-listed works in the 2015 Willow Books Literature Award for Poetry. Here is an excerpt: “ Declaration to Seths”

Pursuing Liberty...Reconnections...and Celebrations

On Friday evening, May 13th at the Springside Inn, adjacent to Owasco Lake in Fleming, New York, aaduna's publisher, bill berry, jr. hosted the 49th Annual Auburn/Cayuga County NAACP's Freedom Fund Banquet.  This affair honored community leaders in education, business, religion, and youth leadership; provided college assistance stipends to deserving high school seniors and presented Promise Awards to outstanding middle school students of color.   William E Berry Jr , publisher/CEO Aaduna Inc ~ Master of Cermonies Serving as Master of Ceremonies, bill combined contemporary social commentary interspersed with comedic quips and intriguing anecdotes that engaged the diverse, multicultural, and inter-generational audience while providing an appropriate backdrop to the sit down dinner, governmental proclamations, guest speaker address, and award presentations.   Joseph Holland, Keynote Speaker, Auburn/Cayuga NAACP Freedom Fund Banquet Guest speaker Jo