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I had the opportunity to work in Harlem in the early Seventies and then again in the early Eighties putting in a 4 year stretch during each decade. Recently, a word association came to me and reminded me of Copeland’s restaurant on 145th Street off Broadway in Harlem.  Considered the Heart and Soul of Harlem dining, the restaurant served up soul food with a New Orleans flavor for 50 years.  Like all great eating places, it had a diverse array of characteristics that included popular signature dishes, welcoming ambiance, high end catering, and a great community feel that spurned a boatload of regular and dedicated customers.
Deborah Copeland (photo provided)

So what is the word association, my thought connection?  In aaduna's coming spring 2016 issue, we will publish poetry by Deborah Copeland who brings a diverse array of creative talent that has started to nurture a committed fan base.  Deborah is achieving literary status because her poetry, plays, essays and other literary pathways have made a soulful connection to the hearts and minds of her readers.  While aaduna initially planned to present three of her poems, another entity (The Commonline Journal) beat us to the punch with “For Those At Work.” However, there is enough Copeland for all of us to savor.  Here are the opening lines of her poem, “To You Who Read These Lines,”

I share your gaze and the haze of my wish,
Your eye meeting my I; your inner thought,
Your self-same person, not myself and mine:
That I may share a space with you in you -

Make sure you read Copeland’s work in the spring issue of aaduna coming your way by the end of this month.  And like Copeland’s, this Copeland is a gem and a growing creative institution for us to cherish and support!

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