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When we were ignorant…

Out of the blue, I started to reflect on my primary education through to high school and how educators taught about Africa, and what was available in school books.  Africa was a homogeneous “country” instead of a continent that comprised a multitude of countries, cultures, and ethnicities rich in socio-economic, religious, and health maintenance beliefs.  Back then, “Africans” (everyone was an African and not a citizen of a specific country) were savages with bones through their noses and scantily clad or half-naked women instead of a region marked by kingdoms, scholars, dynasties, complex civilizations, and lasting gifts to world knowledge.  Africa was dark, the land of Tarzan, King Kong, pygmies, apes, and the breeding ground for popular world-wide racist attitudes.  “Go back to Africa” is a phrase that many African-Americans of a certain age heard incessantly by people who were raised in ignorance and misplaced privilege based on white skin.  Anyway, I will figure out why

When was the last time you were left speechless?

Routinely, at aaduna , we have something to say either via the blog, Twitter, Facebook or the available or pending issues.  However, I do remember when the cavalcade of words became an erupting volcano with superlatives cascading all over the place and then an unexpected silence.  You do become speechless when words no longer convey what you want or need to say.  The reason for this stupefying silence was when a young photographer submitted her work to us.  Eleanor Leonne Bennett, (Photo on file/aaduna contributor Summer 2012) In 2012, Eleanor Leonne Bennett was an award winning photographer and a wunderkind for her age (16).  aaduna , at that point, was an embryonic online journal trying to manifest our mission to be multi-cultural, diverse, multi-generational, edgy, and somewhat traditional.  Eleanor grabbed our attention and we presented her work in  aaduna's summer 2012 issu e / The Kuta Gallery .   We recently re-visited with Ms. Bennett and once again words c

When you are ready to give up…think that there is no hope left…need a bridge over troubled waters?

Along comes… Gregg Dotoli , a beacon of guiding light, a burst of heart thumping thunder, a bolt of vibrant lightning (and we are not talking about Usain Bolt,) a reflective  thinker, a masterful poet, the calm after the storm. Gregg Dotoli, artist rendering provided Gregg Dotoli…Just when I was beginning to despair, along came Dotoli with his gentle songs, lines that do sing, that endure long after they ring. In the summer 2016 issue of aaduna , Gregg will present a body of work, “Ice Storm Art,” “That Rain,” “Day Dreamer,” “Leafspring,” and “Flashback.” We are tempted to give you a teaser from each poem.  But isn’t that like going to a wine/beer/champagne/distilled spirits/apple cider or food tasting; trying several items; loving each one and wanting more?  And then you are denied...maybe another round of tastings, but not a full glass.  You are disappointed.  Saddened. Guess what? We will not deny you.  However, we are only providing one teaser, a

Grab a hold of Life. Bend it, shake it, embrace it, meld it the way you need to…stretch your creative thoughts…don’t lose the summer!

It is easy to sit, rest, and ignore all that we WANT to do.  I just wonder how many dance or yoga classes, gym memberships, workshops, pursuing a creative aspiration, hobby or volunteering lay dormant at our spot of sitting and resting.  And we say, “I am going to get into….”  Is this an example of a dream deferred?! Let’s hug the example of Phylise Smith , aaduna contributor for the  spring 2016 sixth anniversary issue .   Phyllis Smith, Fine Arts Work Center, Provincetown, MA (photo provided) Phyllis took and completed an advanced poetry workshop with Martha Rhodes at the Fine Arts Work Center located in Provincetown, Massachusetts from July 24-30, 2016.  During this experience, Phylise read “Halloween,” a poem which was published in aaduna's spring 2016 issue. What you may not know, is that Phylise lives in California on the west coast of the USA.  Massachusetts is on the east coast or actually considered a Mid-Atlantic state.  It is no way near California