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What happens when Art hosts Poetic Words, and Poetry interacts with Art?

Karen Faris, Author/Poet/Performer [photo provided] What happens is A Special Celebratory Book Launch at a Rochester Art Gallery:  Sherry Tulloch, Artist & Host, First Friday/March 6th Book Launch Event You are cordially invited to join artist Sherry Tulloch in her studio as she welcomes guest author-poet and visual artist, Karen Faris on the occasion of the release of her newest chapbook, “The Death of Compassion” a limited edition, numbered and dated collection of intriguing, contemporary poetry published in collaboration with aaduna, Inc. Karen will read selections from “The Death of Compassion” at 7 and 8 PM. Her limited-edition book will be available for purchase ($16/book.) bill berry, jr., CEO/Publisher, aaduna, Inc. bill berry, jr. CEO, aaduna, Inc, and publisher of aaduna , a thrice yearly online multicultural literary and visual arts journal will introduce Ms. Faris. Now, plan to join Sherry