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Reaching 100!

We were advised this morning that aaduna now has a reading and viewing presence in 100 countries with the addition of Zimbabwe to the roster! Interestingly, we picked up Egypt and Paraguay earlier this week, and our views/week are also increasing. So, how will we celebrate? We will continue to do what we started in 2011…provide a publication platform for writers, poets, and visual artists, especially people of color and others who have been traditionally denied access to publishing opportunities due to unnecessary obstacles. We will continue to be multicultural and diverse in outlook and outreach to creative folk. We will continue to remain committed to our Mission , and maintain a supportive, nurturing and empowering spirit and environment for our community of contributors, readers, supporters, and submitters. We will not worry about adding countries (nor have we,) we will worry about how to continue to be vibrant, pertinent and an enhancement to the world of publishing. T

Words on the Verge Kicks-Off 2017 Reading Series

Brockport, New York’s monthly literary sessions got off to a rousing start on the evening of January 28 th with celebrated poet, inspirational speaker, and founder of , Selena Cochran and Monroe Community College’s creative writing professor and founder of We All Write, a writing collective of Black women , Tokeya Graham . You can learn more about T okeya at   Selena Cochran, featured reader (photo by : Lisa Brennan)   Tokeya Graham, featured reader (Photo by: Lisa Brennan) Following a format where both poets read individual work associated with a shared theme, the capacity filled-room, with several audience members forced to stand, was captivated and enthralled with the poignancy and vigor expressed in the selected readings.  Of particular note was the two closing poems one from each poet that drove home the multi-hued, diverse, affirming, and qualitative characteristics that define and shape the s