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aaduna in exile 2021-22 – Sweet

  When Sweet is More than Sweet   American phraseology is filled with multiple uses of the word “sweet.” For African Americans that word is reminiscent of intriguing times and experiences. Sweet potato pie, a southern Black food staple dating back to colonial times has been a mainstay for many generations, whose descendants   can easily recall how the aroma of that particular pie filtered through a home and out into the neighborhood. And made mouths long for a taste.   Marvin Gaye’s 1964 song “How Sweet It is To Be Loved By You” was a major hit that was  penned by Motown songwriters, Holland-Dozier-Holland; it was re-recorded by Junior Walker and the All-Stars in 1966 and was a major re-make and hit for James Taylor in 1975. “How Sweet…”was recorded many other artists. And who can forget Jackie Gleason who coined the phrase “How sweet it is.”   And no mention of “sweet” can ignore Melvin Van Peeble’s classic 1971 film, Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song.”     So, while there are n