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Mel D and not Mel B

How often have you had to tell someone that it was a “D” and not a “B?” While some of you may know Mel B (Melanie Janine Brown) from her Spice Girls involvement, as well as her judging on America’s Got Talent television show, Melvin Douglas is crafting a name for himself in other creative endeavors.   A former aaduna contributor in poetry (fall 2012 issue,) he returns to aaduna with an exhibition of his photographic work in the forthcoming spring 2015 5th anniversary issue.   Melvin has a keen “eye” for the nuances of the urban landscape and captures the essence of words through a different medium that prompts reflection and questions from the viewer.   Here is an image from his pending exhibition in aaduna : "Red Doors" by photographer, Melvin Douglas (c) 2015 Melvin Douglas, who in aaduna staff circles is graciously referenced as “Mel D” causes no confusion for us over whether it is “D” or “B”.   You will see why in a few days.  Melvin Douglas...

Regan’s story is riveting...what folks missed in Mayweather and Pacquiao

Now we are not trying to hype a piece of fiction by comparing it to the fight of all fights that left many boxing fans disappointed and lawsuits flying.   What we are saying that Marc D Regan’s fiction, “Goin Up the Country” offers a story rooted in cultural and social nuances that many of us may never experience.   The story packs a punch with “down home” language.  It jabs with literary nuances and a boxer’s prizefighting stance.   You will have to decide whether or not it hits below the belt.   With a provocative style and realistic framework, here is how  Regan’s story kicks off in aaduna's upcoming issue: Sparky: First the pivotal fact:   I was burned.   Severely.   At my sixteenth birthday party.   Monkey business gone awry, involving a group of unknown assailants, flammable liquid, and actual fire.   Probably a discarded cigarette butt.   That was four years back.   A twisted road stretches between that fateful July night and this September night, a road littere