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Of Sheroes and Heroes and those not yet exalted…not yet!

  For far too long, we have relegated extraordinarily super powerful people to the mindset of comic book writers and illustrators. We then revel and exist in another person’s world of character portrayal created by the fantastical thoughts of others; such thoughts developed and manifested at draft boards with pen and ink on poster boards and more than likely finger strokes on a keyboard. For far too long, we have held that role-models is the provenance of children…pivotal elders presented to youngsters as people to look up to; to compel children to try to mirror the examples of others’ courage, bravery and willingness to tilt against windmills. However, adults also need role models. For far too long, issues regarding environmental challenges have been visualized by the faces of activists who eerily resemble the majority of people in the western world and their accepted ideologies that may not be necessarily inclusive of any other specific race or indigenous culture. How silly hav