This is the Halloween event you don't want to miss!

Maybe you witnessed this Sisterhood at the 2019 City of Auburn Memorial Day Parade.

Maybe you will witness this Sisterhood sometime this summer.

Maybe you have no idea what we are talking about. If that is the case... CLICK  below for a teaser!

YES!  That's RIGHT!!!!!TheSisterhood of the Traveling Broom will participate in aaduna’s 2019 Halloween Gala Event! (aaduna's annual fundraiser) as we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Harlem Renaissance and our fifth year of fundraisers where we promote words and the creative talent of individuals who routinely produce poetry, novels, lyrics and diverse, intriguing words that fuel our imagination and enriche our spirit.

Join aaduna and the Sisterhood of the Traveling Broom as we will bring closure to the theme that has guided previous fundraisers as we start a new journey to explore other celebratory and festive aspects of the African Diaspora and its influences on worldwide cultures.

Poets, writers, musici…

"word, revisited," 4th Annual Spring Season 2019 - PHOTO MONTAGE

"word, revisited" is words in all the diverse and extraordinary ways that we listen, read, articulate.

"word, revisited" is words that swoop, swoon, dip, glide, caress, and bring joy, despair, exhilaration, expectation and reflection.

"word, revisited" every so often hands the baton to visual images since it recognizes that often a photo is worth a "thousand" words.

We appreciate and thank featured presenters:

Joe Sarnicola
Frederik R-L Osborne
Anthony Gero
David Ruekberg
Michael Fedorchuk
Shawnte Blyss Barr

We exclaim our joyousness with the spirited work, support, dedication and poetic gems presented by a diverse range of open mic participants.  
And we embrace the graciousness of the "word, revisited" sponsors, the Cayuga Museum of History & Art, Olive Trees, and aaduna and the leadership associated with each entity.   
This spring 2019 season will close with Pam Freeman on June 13th at 6 PM,Carriage House Theater, behind the Cayuga Museum,…