In Time... After Thoughts

  A Glimpse of the Gardens at Seward House Museum, photo by Lisa Brennan, August 5 2022 After a few years of appropriate, health-driven safety isolation and contact with others primarily platformed by zoom, Facetime and other modes of “artificial” interaction including social media, mass distribution of e-mails…you get the picture. In 2022, folks are starting to venture out and take advantage of the opportunity to see others from the neck down without a background of kitchens, living rooms, at home libraries or the cat walking across the screen or the incessant barking of the family dog. Or just the unmoving face or a black screen with the person’s name since these people had something better to do. Were they really listening as they ventured to accomplish other tasks out of sight? While there are still moments when one should err on the side of being cautious, the human need for interaction with others has slowly permeated the scope of our social interactions. aaduna has been q

Making the past relevant to the future

  In March 2021, I communicated with poet, writer, and creative influencer, Janet Mason on the occasion of the publication of her 2020 novel, The Unicorn, The Mystery .  More to the point... Back then, I was road tripping to support my wife’s business meetings and brought Janet’s book along to accompany and nourish my mind while Lisa was engaged in her business activities. Intriguingly, I finished The Unicorn, The Mystery   probably on the eve of St. Patrick's Day. Afterwards, I thanked Janet for her novel’s creativity, and its imaginative journey encompassing myriad imageries, and subtle but endearing wisdoms that dotted each page of the story. I was grateful for the read and savored every sentence and nuance that she put into this work.    {Mason’s novel reminded me that on many Saturday mornings, I “hung” at the Cloisters, a space that was so welcoming and comforting. And the tapestries! My hidden treasure.}    Back then, I thanked Ms. Mason for bringing her gift of creat