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Rudolph and other reflections…

Okay, let’s just flip past the red-nosed characterization.  bill berry & Lisa Brennan, "Red Nose Day" participants, May 26, 2016 Truth be told, I purchased red noses to wear for the annual Red Nose Day that is kept in a single drawer of a red painted, double brass handle, Formica topped, metal table for 364 days out of a year.  More importantly, I wonder if your child, friend or life partner was laughed at by several others, called names, and never let join in any social activities or games, would you consider those actions as bullying?!   Think about that for a moment, and then focus on why so many of us continue to sing loudly and happily along with Gene Autry when he croons Johnny Marks’ holiday song.  Now, since we are challenging misplaced sensibilities, did you know Mr. Marks was Jewish even though he wrote several widely popular Christmas songs? So, let’s recognize the significance of Hanukkah and its world-wide significance, and don’t

Of course, there is Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen…

Crowley, Morton, Moran, and Sundaram. Well, “Tis the season” to be jolly with ornaments, candles, multi-colored lights, observances to renew the spirit, gift sharing, being merry and happy with family and friends, and being courteous to strangers. It is also the time when many of us just want to curl up and read, or browse through social media platforms to discover and share. So, did you know that Donner was originally called Dunder, and Blitzen was referred to as Blixen? Now, I am sure reindeer historians and aficionados will correct me if I am wrong! Nevertheless, here are our contributions to your relaxation time via snippets: John W. Crowley (Photo Provided) John W. Crowley provides some ‘brain food’ with his provocative essay, The Klan is Coming! The Klan is Coming! Here is the opening paragraph: The Birth of a Nation (1915), an epic silent film about the Civil War and Reconstruction, has a reputation as the most racist America

Of Dasher, Dancer, Prancer & Vixen…of course,

There is Wakefield, Faris, Udofia, and Goodman. As we settle unexpected coding and uploading tasks pertaining to the forth coming issue of aaduna (Vol.6 No.3,) we still want to give you glimpses of what is coming your way this Holiday Season. So, as you take your much needed break from holiday related tasks, and just looking to relax, consider these snippets: Jacques Wakefield (photo provided) From Jacques Wakefield’s “Memoir of a Black Sixties teen” Ok, now wait a minute. I went blank. What was I in here for again? My whole idea, whatever it was, became null and void. The room changed. My flesh loosened on my bones. I began to see differently than when I first entered the room, as if the room was a mirage and slowly disappearing and transforming before me. I now saw the slowed down slither of sunshine coming from the open curtained window warmly resting on papers on the principal’s desk, and the intelligent looking books in the bookcases behind his desk began