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APRIL is National Poetry Month

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And be on the look out for these other poets who will grace the next issue of aaduna:

Erika Donald

Christine M. Donofrio

Dr. Ho Cheung (Peter) Lee

Edward Mendes

Joann Quiñones

aaduna celebrates poetry and salutes poets everywhere who make life more enchanting and intriguing.

The Third Anniversary winter/spring 2014 issue coming in…you guessed it…National Poetry Month…real soon!!

Meet poets, Noor and Williamson: Complexity and Grace for aaduna's upcoming winter/spring issue!

There is a detached elegance regarding Noorulain Noor’s work.  Her pieces titter on elegance and simplicity with rich layers of hued emotional context and vivid portrayals. Here are brief excerpts from her work in the winter/spring 2014 issue:

from Holiday House

She traced circles on her palm as she told

us the stories of her youth and the fold

in the fabric of history that broke

a nation, birthed two, and many a folk-

tale of love and triumph, battle and loss,

and back to the time she walked across

an intangible border in the land,

the signature of a powerful hand….

from Atonement

…Maybe I would find you then

on an indistinguishable road of this metropolis,

see you from afar and recognize

your eyes and the wrinkle between them,

the one I sewed and kissed and loved. But,

in the clamor of people and their voices,

will you hear me when I call your name?...

Read Noor's complete works plus Weatherman in our next issue.


Ernest Williamso…