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Well, it may be time to get that nervous rabbit out of the hat. At long last. Whew!

Anticipation is like the twilight time between Christmas Eve and Christmas when children and those young at heart await the secret arrival of Santa Claus with presents that may delight and then again, disappoint. All cultures seem to have an annual “anticipation” event. So, this literary journal is not out of step with global celebrations and cultural mores with our annual celebration of outstanding aaduna contributors It is always a difficult task to identify the best from the best. As an online publication that prides itself on presenting quality and enduring literary works and visual images, once a year, we task ourselves with trying to determine what literary work is uniquely challenging to our sensibilities and further expands the journal’s pivotal role in broadening and invigorating the community of established literature.  The annual Pushcart Prize ( ) has been doing that for decades, selecting the best from the best. And each year, publi