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Teasing the bill berry way...

You Really Got a Hold On Me…with apologies to William Robinson, Jr.

Your touch spews rancor across time and space
Nestling in disjointed crevices of decay and hurt
Making me wonder how you morphed into an acrid chill of remorse and disinterest.

Your touch erupts like a banshee intent on scorching the last remnant of hope
Removing any vestige of time and place and memory
Making me wonder why I let your presence drift through the fissure of my wisdom.

Your touch caresses my insanity making it wholesome and endearing
A wisp of fragrance to smother my thickened tongue unable to enunciate my heart
Making me wonder when you abandoned the ripe succulent pangs of desire and want.

Copyright © 2012 William E. Berry, Jr.

Read bill's other poems in the First Anniversary Issue, scheduled to launch on the 28th!

Teasing: Fournier is in the house!

Listen to commentary by Collette V. Fournier, who photographed Katrina-affected people and homes in several New Orleans neighborhoods, including the Lower Ninth Ward, New Orleans East, Gentilly, and Algiers.
Collette V. Fournierbrings her keen eye and perspective to the First Anniversary Issue by exhibiting photographs from her recent trip to Ghana, where she chronicled a variety of themes.  A member of Kamoinge Inc., a noted African American photography collective, Collette is a SOROS fellow for her photographic work in Louisiana, post hurricane Katrina.  Known affectionally as "Co", Fournier has  been a photographer for New York area newspapers and currently is an adjunct professor and campus photographer at a community college in the State University of New York system.
Check out her photographs in aaduna on February 28th.

Teasing: de Monbrison exhibits his work.

"Tin Sculpture" by Ivan de Monbrison from his studio in Paris, France
Parisian born artist, Ivan de Monbrison will exhibit his ink and acrylic on paper drawings in the First Anniversary issue of aaduna scheduled for launch on February 28th.  From 1994-2000, he served as curator’s assistant in the Musée Picasso in Paris and during this time, éditions la Bartavelle published three books of his poetry.  Since then he has had solo and group shows in Paris, Pittsburgh, Bruxelles, Barcelona, and at the prestigious Siena Art Institute in Italy.   He published a poetry book with sketches in 2009 and kicked off 2012 with a solo show at LaMaison du Patrimoine of la Haye les Roses, as well as a group at the Lloyd Gill Gallery England.

For February, check out my interview with Sonnet Mondal, featured aaduna poet from West Bengal, India

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First Anniversary Issue Is Coming...Get Updates Starting This Week

aaduna's First Anniversary/winter-spring 2012 issue is scheduled to launch on February 28th.  To promote this landmark issue, we will post "teasers" of what you can expect to read and see starting this week.  These brief excerpts will expose you to what is contained in the next issue and why we are so excited!  Watch for these postings and please share with your friends and colleagues through your e-lists and social media networks. 

Enjoy the Super Bowl and whatever you have planned for today!