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On re-becoming.

Image There is something magical about waiting even as we know all too often that intricate emotional state of “not knowing” is sometimes a harrowing experience. But I am talking about the joys of the wait routinely associated with Birth Day celebrations, weddings, birth of a child, December holidays, family reunions, a new job, an expected salary increase, the wonderment of meeting someone new in your life. aaduna has been dormant for a year as far as publishing issues.   I detailed the complexities of the unintentional hiatus in former blog postings and delved into that myriad situation and some of the issues that fermented the journal’s “disappearance.” However, this blog is about renewal, rejuvenation, re-finding one’s “mojo.”   Basically, the end of our publishing wait is in its essence fully about celebration, joy and conviction of spirit especially when there are unforeseen challenges that can beat you down. For aaduna , never. We are not Sisy