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A Season of Vitality, Reflection, and Focused Directions

The start of fall routinely signals the start of a new cultural/artistic season.  Amidst new exhibitions, premiers, special issues, tours, and openings, there is the behind the scenes drama that challenges creative minds to challenge one another, compromise, negotiate and quite possibly re-direct individual energies towards different paths than previously planned.  In this type of vortex, it is often wise to rise above the process, view it with a certain ease of detachment, seek clarity, and re-enter the "fray" with a singular sense of purpose.  As aaduna experiences such a process, I am reminded of the various temperments when I interned at The Elma Lewis School of Fine Arts/National Center of Afro-American Artists in Boston; directed the BFA/MFA program at Antioch; mounted a cultural arts performance program at Stony Brook; experienced the affects of political interference on academic freedom associated with artistic performances, exhibitions, and speakers at Rockland Commu